This is a crucial and repeatable step in the entire process. We test the programs and jobs of the applications in a highly automated way. We use baseline and regression test methods. 

We monitor the progress and quality of the migration using recorded intermediate results and interaction. Over and over again until there are no flaws detected anymore.

This stage interacts with the previous stage, migrating. If an issue is encountered in the test results, the cause will be determinated and the application goes back to the migration factory. Before running the factory on the code and data again, the factory will be refined with new migration rules.

When no errors are present anymore the transition work is done and implementation can be planned and conducted.

For testing of interactive programs we use TestMatch (see product sheet). For testing of report and batch programs we use Trace Injection(run compare) technology. For complex interactive programs we use a combination of both. 

This approach leaves manual testing by application specialists a relic from the past.


Product Sheet

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