Proof of Concept

This step of our approach is to start up the migration factory on a subset of your application base. This factory uses the repository described in the previous tab. All code and JCL of the subset will be amended (where necessery) and migrated to the target compiler platform. Data is also migrated and the subset will be ready for testing after this phase has been rolled out.

Specific parts of the subset might need additional interfacing or modules (already determined in the previous stage) but the factory mechanism will be proven in this phase. The Proof of Concept will be provided on a fixed price base and is essential for making the fixed price offer for the entire migration project.

At this point you have made a relatively small investment and you can still bail out, allthough we never encountered a customer that did.

Finishing up this stage opens up the path to the entire migration project. All technical risks that were encountered in the subset are categorized and a solution coverage of them is encharted. 

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