The first step in our well proven approach is to make an assessment of your application code and data structures. Taking into account COBOL code, other programming languages such as PL/1, Assembly and so on. JCL is being scanned and analyzed. Your database and ISAM (VSAM) files are analyzed and mapped.

From this assessment emerges an extensive repository providing cross references, complexity analysis, code base transformation rules and dead-code reporting.

Based upon the contents of the repository we provide high-level management information on metrics of your application base.

The repository contains valuable information about your applications. It will be used in the following stages of the project :

  • Before the actual migration project to calculate the costs of the transformation
  • During the migration to control our automated migration mechanism
  • During testing for code-flow-checks
  • After the project for maintenance impact analysis

This assessment is an integral part of our migration approach, but can be offered as a stand-alone product/service complete with implementation of the analysis tooling in your ICT landscape. 

Key advantage of this step in our approach is the comfortable start of project on a fixed price basis.

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