Microsoft .NETYour COBOL in .NET is our approach for moving your COBOL assets to Microsoft Server and the Cloud. We selected the very best solutions from the very best SI's and offer you a seamless migration from your current platform to Microsoft Windows and Microsoft .NET.

We do not transform your COBOL to unreadable, hardly maintainable or error-prone other languages. Your business logic COBOL remains COBOL. However, using Fujitsu NetCOBOL  technology your code will run on the Microsoft .NET platform.

Using state-of-the art technology we make an automated assessment of your code base and data structures. We generate cross references and store all information in a central repository.

Next we use this repository to make amendments to your code base fully automated and integrate it in the new runtime environment. At first we do this with a small, but representative, part of your application base. Our Proof of Concept. 

After you are convinced of the quality of our Proof of Concept we offer you a full migration on a fixed price base.

Got COBOL ?Following both data and code migration we use automated testing processes ensuring your application is working correctly before implementing it in your acceptation environment. When you are satisfied, the migrated applications can be put into production. During the entire migration phase you are able to maintain and extend your applications. There is no code-freeze. Click on the tabs above for a detailed explanation of each step.